Why Am I Here?

My Answer to Life's Big Question on my 70th Birthday July 27, 2022.

Chicago… 1952… The Windy City... Chi Town… Michigan Avenue… Chicago River… the Lake Shore Skyline…

That’s the city where I was born. In Jackson Park Hospital, to be precise.  At 1:59am on Sunday morning, July 27th 1952.

While my mother, maiden name Ethel Lorraine Hendry, age 33, was busy giving birth to me, my father, Seymour Jack Greenberg, age 32, was anxiously pacing with the other expectant fathers in the waiting room. Back then, the only men allowed in the delivery rooms were the doctors helping our mothers deliver us Baby Boomers by the millions, often using forceps to drag us by our heads into this world.

So now you know where and when I was born. But wait, there’s more! I haven’t shared Why I was born. And that’s the best part of my story.

My parents already had two children when I was born; My brother, Jack David Greenberg, 4 years older than me, and my sister, Susan Elsa Greenberg, 7 years older than me. The perfect nuclear family. 

So why am I here? Perhaps an accident, one might logically imagine. However, one would be mistaken.

I was conceived on purpose. And with a mission… to keep my father out of the Korean War. Here’s how… 

My father had been an officer in the Air Force during WWII. He trained to be a pilot and later a navigator. But he never saw any action before the war ended in 1945. However, in 1950 he was still eligible to be recalled for duty in the Korean War. Fortunately for me, and my mother and my father, the Air Force allowed exemptions for officers with three children or the third child on the way. So… After some quick action by my parents, I became the third on the way and as of 1:59am July 27th 1952 in Jackson Park Hospital, I officially ended my father's Air Force career. 

Mission accomplished. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad. And God Bless the United States Armed Forces!

Fun Fact… the Korean War ended in a truce with an armistice signed July 27th 1953, exactly one year to the day after my birth. Now that’s a pretty curious coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

Thank you for joining me on this Personal History Video. I hope you enjoyed this story and I look forward to sharing more soon. Until then, I wish you the very best!

~ Kenneth Greenberg ~ In memory of my Mother & Father, July 27, 2022

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