Too Busy To Track Your Google Analytics? That Will Cost You!

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Many business owners are just too busy to track the results of their website performance analytics. However, they spend time and money on sales and marketing activities every month. Monitoring your website Google Analytics reports can help tremendously with your marketing efforts.

  • Do you know how many people are visiting to your site?
  • What search terms they are using find you?
  • What pages they visit and what information they seek?
  • Did they respond to any of your website Calls To Action?

With proper nurturing, this information can be used to help turn your business website visitors into business leads and clients. And considering that Google Analytics reveals such useful information, there is very little reason not to benefits from monitoring these reports.  In fact, you are probably wasting money each and every week or month by not tracking which of your advertising expenditures are not producing a positive return on investment.


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