Why Webmasters Emphasize Local SEO

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How important is local SEO? According to the latest Moz Industry Survey, over 67% of online marketers report spending time on local search. Demand for local SEO expertise has also grown as Google's competitive landscape continues to evolve, most recently through their Google Business Listings service.

Moz has recently introduced a Local Search Expert Quiz. Written by local search expert Miriam Ellis, the quiz contains 40 questions and only takes less than 10 minutes to complete. I recommend you give it a try. When you are finished, they will automatically score your quiz and reveal the correct answers. Good luck! ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Business Webmaster


Rating your score

Keep in mind the Local Search Expert Quiz is just for fun. That said, we've established the following guidelines to help judge your results.

  • 0-39% Newbie: Time to study up on your citation data!
  • 40-59% Beginner: Good job, but you're not quite in the 7-pack yet.
  • 60-74% Intermediate: You're getting close to the centroid!
  • 75-85% Pro: Let's tackle multi-location!
  • 86-100% Guru: We all bow down to your local awesomeness

~ Excert for Moz.com


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