How do I get comfortable on video?

FAQ: How do I get comfortable on video?

ANSWER: One way to get better at video is to get a video coach because once you get some feedback and direction you will probably get quite good at it.

If you want a web video, but you are nervous about being in front of the camera, there are techniques that you can use to get started. You can work on, for instance, just an opening and just a close. Then you can have your voice carry the video through with still images or  B roll.

I think it's important for people to see us in the beginning and it's always nice to have a full circle and wrap it up and have an ending statement. And as they hear your voice throughout the video, they know you are doing the video, but you are actually using lots of other visuals to carry it, so that you are not sitting there sweating the whole time.

However, I would suggest to you that you consider that a band aid and that little by little, you work on getting more and more relaxed with video. Being more of who you are on a regular basis.

I like to remind people that when we look at ourselves on video and we get all critical, it's the same person that most people, most of our friends and family are seeing all day long and they like us, so it's really a matter of us getting used to ourselves.

One way to get better at video once you're ready is to actually get a coach to get some coaching. A media coach, a speech coach. Someone to help you get better at video because once you get over that initial criticism of yourself, you'll probably be quite good at it. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster


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