Should my first video be for my website home page?

FAQ: Should my first video be for my website home page?

ANSWER: No. Home page videos are too demanding. Wait until you have a few videos under your belt before attempting to produce a home page video.

Trying to determine where to put your first video on your website is a very important decision. It is definitely a frequently asked question and I think most people make the wrong decision.

Most people try to go for a video on their homepage. That's kind of the hardest video to do, in my opinion. Generally, it's an overview video or an elevator pitch video. It needs to be very polished. Since it's on the homepage, it needs to be very quick.

Attempting that yourself is very difficult. You probably need some professional help. But even then, you can spend lots of money, and since it's your first video, you might not be relaxed enough or you might not get it right. It's just a tough thing to do. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster


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