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Embeding a YouTube video into a webpage is a great way to add multimedia content on your WordPress website. It’s also pretty easy to do. Here are some YouTube video player customization tips.

YouTube makes you do a little digging around to find a video’s embed code. Click the “Share” tab underneath the video and then click “Embed” and you find the code to copy and paste.

YouTube Embed Code
If you take a closer look at the YouTube embed code, you’ll see that it contains a YouTube URL in quotes.

YouTube Embed Code Sample
There are a number of different parameters you can add to this URL that change the look and feel of the embedded YouTube player. Just remember that the first parameter must begin with a question mark and each additional parameter begins with an ampersand.

YouTube Embed Code Parameters
For example, here is my embed code with 3 parameters added. Notice how there are no spaces, and the entire URL is still within the quotation marks like before.


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