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Why Am I Here?

My Answer to Life’s Big Question on my 70th Birthday July 27, 2022. Chicago… 1952… The Windy City… Chi Town… Michigan Avenue… Chicago River… the Lake Shore Skyline… That’s the city where I was born. In Jackson Park Hospital, to be precise.  At 1:59am on Sunday morning, July 27th 1952. While my mother, maiden name […]

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How to Promote a Podcast

The following tips and techniques to promote your podcast appeared in an article about podcasting on the MasterClass website. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Podcast Producer When you are ready to start promoting your podcast, consider these tips. Start by making great content. High-quality podcast content is the foundation of any podcast marketing strategy. Producing great […]

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How To Publish a Podcast

A Podcast Producer often calls upon the Podcast Recording Engineer to assist in the podcast episode publication process.  They will package and upload your podcast audio files to a variety of distribution points on all major podcast directories including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, ‘and wherever you listen to podcasts’. A Podcast Producer may […]

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How To Produce a Podcast

A Podcast Producer may employ a Podcast Recording Engineer to manage the podcast episode recording process. Production If the podcast is recorded locally, the Podcast Guests often travel to the Podcast Host’s recording location to record their podcast episode. A locally recorded podcast episode requires the Podcast Recording Engineer to set up and monitor the […]

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How To Plan a Podcast

A Podcast Producer collaborates with the Podcast Client to create a Podcast Plan that includes the podcast format, editorial calendar, and list of potential guests if appropriate to the format. A Podcast Producer may assist the Podcast Client/Host in contacting potential Podcast Guests to book them to record their podcast episodes. It is advisable to […]

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