Personal History Audio & Video Services

My Personal History Audio Services consist of recorded interviews, either in person or online, during which we explore some of the Personal History FAQs that encourage you to recall the significant events and memorable experiences in your life.

My Personal History Video Services can be as simple as recorded interviews including video of you as the narrator. However, with the addition of family photographs, newspaper headlines and background music, Personal History Videos can bring your story to life with illustrations.

As a member of the Oral History Association, I follow OHA Best Practices when I record Personal History Interviews. The four key elements of oral history work are Preparation, Interviewing, Preservation, and Access. Oral Historians give careful consideration to each of these four elements at the start of any personal history project, regardless of whether it is audio or video or comprised of one or many recorded interviews.

"You can't connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backward."
~ Steve Jobs, Apple

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