My Video Marketing Services Program

Reaching the right audience in the right place at the right time - with the right message - requires specific video production, publication and optimization techniques. My Video Marketing Team provides a unique combination of professional services to achieve those goals through the production and optimization of Marketing Videos.

1) We Produce a Series of Marketing Videos.

Our goal is to produce a series of ongoing videos that present you as knowledgable, friendly and trustworthy - as well as providing answers to questions that your prospects are searching for online. We achieve this with preproduction keyword research, competitive analysis, and video production sessions that are relaxed, conversational, and result in several FAQ Videos per recording session.

2) We Edit and Optimize your Marketing Videos.

Your marketing videos are edited to add titles and contact information. They are then transcribed for use in our optimization process.  Since most of your traffic to your marketing videos will come from search engines, we research and optimize your video titles, descriptions, tags and transcriptions to achieve the highest search results.

3) We Publish your Marketing Videos on your Website.

Videos are among your most productive marketing assets, so we post them very prominently on your website. Your videos will enrich the unique content of your site and get ranked well by Google. When optimized properly, your videos can get your website listed on page 1 on Google, over and over again.

4) We Publish your Marketing Videos on YouTube.

YouTube is not only the largest video-sharing platform in the world, it’s also the second-largest search engine, second only to Google. We employ professional optimization techniques to publish and promote our videos on YouTube.

5) We Publish your Marketing Videos on your Social Media networks.

Use your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and Twitter account to promote your videos. This will not only get you more video views, it will also make your social media posts more attractive because people love video content.

6) We Analyze Your Search Results to further Optimize your Videos.

We regularly analyze the search performance results of your marketing videos by reviewing the analytics that Google, YouTube and other Social Media Networks provide. By analyzing your videos' search engine rankings we can gain valuable insights to continue optimizing existing videos, as well as suggest topics for future videos.

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