Video Ads on Facebook for Business

Social Media Video Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

We understand how people watch video

We’ve designed our video advertising options on Facebook and Instagram to reflect the way people actually consume video—from bite-sized videos they watch on the go, to longer video styles they watch on the couch.

Reach people where they spend their time

On mobile, people prefer shorter video ads—we’re talking 15 seconds or less. Shorter videos have higher completion rates, so you can successfully share your entire message.

Share more complex messages

Powerful mobile video comes in many different lengths. Create video experiences that range from impressionistic to linear and focused.

Tell a longer story
Need to deliver a more sophisticated message? Keep people’s attention with non-skippable, mid-roll video ads. These ad breaks are designed to be as non-disruptive as possible.

Reach people beyond Facebook
Expand the power of Facebook’s in-stream video ads to other trusted apps and sites with Audience Network. Use pre-roll and mid-roll ads to reach more of your audience.

If you need help producing facebook videos…
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