The Small Business Website Advantage

I've been working on websites primarily as a designer and webmaster for close to 20 years now. I guess I'm a website pioneer. One of the reasons why I still am excited about working on websites is because, first of all, the democratization of media. These are our own media platforms. These are our own media properties.

As I've worked on websites throughout the years I've gravitated towards working with professional service providers, and I think the reason why I've done that is because we are all unique because we are our businesses. We are the spokes people for our businesses. I think that websites, especially in combination with video, allow us an advantage. We absolutely have an advantage over larger firms, because we are our business. When the phone rings or if someone's looking at our website and our videos, and says, "This person seems to be someone I could work with," they have a shot of actually working with you compared to watching some big presentation by some corporation, and every time you call you get a different person, so it's not the same. Websites and videos, I think, actually help small businesses, and I am a champion of small businesses. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster


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