How To Publish & Promote Your FAQ Videos

How To Publish & Promote Your  FAQ Videos

Since you want as many people in your target market to see your FAQ Videos – and you want them to act once they’ve seen them – reaching the right audience with your FAQ Videos requires skillfully applying a combination of specific publication and promotion techniques.

I use the system listed below to get your FAQ Videos in front of your target audience:

1) Publish your FAQ Videos on YouTube.

YouTube is not only the largest video-sharing platform in the world, it’s also the second-largest search engine, second only to Google, its parent company. It reaches more people than any other video site across all demographic groups, so we must publish and optimize your FAQ Videos on YouTube.

2) Post your FAQ Videos on your Website.

FAQ Videos are among your most productive marketing assets, so you should post them very prominently on your website. Your FAQ Videos will enrich the unique content of your site and get ranked well by Google. If optimized properly, your FAQ Videos can get your website listed on page 1 on Google, over and over again.

3) Include your FAQ Videos on your Social Media networks.

Use your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and Twitter account to promote your FAQ Videos. This will not only get you more video views, it will also make your social media posts more attractive because people love video content.

4) Optimize your FAQ Videos for Search Engines.

Most of your traffic to your FAQ Videos will come from search engines, so we make sure your videos have search engine optimized titles, descriptions, and tags that will enable your target audience to find you easily.

5) Analyze & Optimize your FAQ Videos.

Make sure to frequently check your FAQ Videos’ success by looking at the analytics that Google, YouTube and other hosting services provide. Carefully studying your video analytics can provide you with valuable insights you can use to then optimize existing videos, as well as future videos, for better results. Options to consider are more and different FAQ topics, an enhanced promotion strategy, and a variety of calls-to-action.

6) Consider a Paid Advertising Campaign.

YouTube, Facebook and other social networks make it easy to reach more of your target audience — if you’re willing to pay some money to get it. With a relatively modest advertising budget, you can get your FAQ Videos in front of thousands of new viewers.

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