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The Best Content for our Website Home Page

Another very important frequently asked question that I get has to do with content for our home pages. What should we put on our home page? Now that the web is mobile-first and we’re designing for lots of different screen sizes, especially smartphones, the design that we’re seeing a lot is the scrolling page, the […]

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The Small Business Website Advantage

I’ve been working on websites primarily as a designer and webmaster for close to 20 years now. I guess I’m a website pioneer. One of the reasons why I still am excited about working on websites is because, first of all, the democratization of media. These are our own media platforms. These are our own […]

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How can my website generate business leads?

As a webmaster partner to many of my clients, I am often asked to assist them with helping their website generate leads. “How is my website working for me? How is it helping my business?” Since I work with primarily professional service providers, generating leads primarily comes in the form of some sort of a […]

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What Does a Webmaster Do?

Webmasters are responsible for the performance of websites. Job Description Webmasters are skilled computer professionals who oversee the optimal functioning and maintenance of a website. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Webmasters choose which software to use when building a website, approve the content used in the site, manage the website hosting, […]

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