How can my website generate business leads?

As a webmaster partner to many of my clients, I am often asked to assist them with helping their website generate leads. “How is my website working for me? How is it helping my business?”

Since I work with primarily professional service providers, generating leads primarily comes in the form of some sort of a contact. That would be a primary lead, a primary call to action. The call to action would be pick up the phone, call us, or email us, contact us, book an appointment with us.

The secondary calls to action though, are also very important. I think every website should have different types of calls to action. A secondary call to action could be one in which you have a lead magnet. You’re giving something away. It used to be people would say, “Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep in touch.”

Now that’s so passé that we tend to offer something a little more specific. Ten top reasons why, you know, working with us … How to avoid getting a cold this summer. Any number of useful pieces of information that a prospect might respond to, in exchange for email.

Providing something of value in exchange for beginning a dialogue with your clients is really what the call to action is all about, and that’s the best way to have a website generate leads. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster

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