How can I tell when it is time to redesign my website?

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is, “When should I redesign my website? When do I know that it’s time to redesign my website?”

I would suggest that website owners tend to want to redesign their websites sooner than they need to. I think they are thinking of their website more in terms of graphic design, rather than in terms of a content perspective.

Websites need to redesigned when technology changes. For instance, mobile. The responsive design. Now that so many searches are on smartphones and tablets our websites do need to be responsive. They do need to present well on different screen sizes.

I would suggest that we spend more time thinking about our content. Redesigning or updating our content, keeping our content fresh, looking at the performance of our website and tuning that up, before we get too concerned about the look and feel of our website. Especially since we look at our website a lot more than our visitors do, and it’s still very fresh to them, but can start to feel a little stale to us. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster

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