Which Are the Best Days and Times to Send Emails?

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Which day is the best for sending email messages is a very popular question in the world of email marketing. Unfortunately there is no ‘best day’ that works for everyone. However, some days can be better than others and some times of day can be better as well. It often comes down to who you are and what you have to say.

In the post below I have excerpted some advice from Becs Rivett Kemm, Marketing Manager at MailPoet, producer of a highly regarded email management  plugin for WordPress.  Here’s some of what Becs has to share on our email sending times…

To be honest with you, there is no magic day that works for everyone. It just doesn’t work like that! But there are some calendar days that work better than others, so let’s discuss them first.

Calendar Days


That’s all on our minds at the moment. If you’re selling something from your emails, or you’re launching a Christmas sale, it’s probably best to avoid Christmas Eve. I remember an old manager telling me it was imperative that we sent out our sale launch email on this day. It failed, hard. Why? People are spending time with their families or preparing for Christmas.

Don’t underestimate the boredom of Christmas Day afternoon though – this could be a good time to capture people’s attention before everyone else starts emailing on 26th, another popular day for email. Just make sure you use a catchy subject line!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Popular in the US and becoming renowned worldwide, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the time to promote extreme discounts. If you’re not doing this, then it’s probably best to avoid these dates!

Pay Day

For a lot of people, pay day is usually the end of the month, and people with money burning a hole in their pocket will be more open to spending their money with you.

Week Days

Use this section with caution! It’s not definitive advice but what I’ve learned from years of sending emails.


Sunday can be a good day to send but it’s all about sending at the right time of day. Sunday is, for most people, a day for relaxing and preparing for the work week ahead. It’s a popular time for shopping online, and for reading blogs.


Unless you’ve got something really important that you just need to say on this day, then it’s usually best to avoid this day – especially if you’re sending to work addresses. Mondays are full of planning and I’ve always found I get really low response rates.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Usually pretty good days to send for most email. Again, the time of day can play a factor.


From past experience, I’ve found that an email that’s in the inbox on a Friday morning has always been pretty well received. It’s something about “that Friday feeling”, looking forward to the weekend that make people more receptive.


For obvious reasons, the weekend isn’t a good time for business email, so it’s best to either send on Friday morning, or wait until Monday otherwise your recipient might not spend a lot of time reading it or it will be bottom of the pile.

Saturdays also have the tendency to be busy days of getting things done around the house, spending time with children and family or really just having a “screen break”, so I haven’t found it to work all that well.

Top tips for email sending times

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