The Best Content for our Website Home Page

Another very important frequently asked question that I get has to do with content for our home pages. What should we put on our home page? Now that the web is mobile-first and we’re designing for lots of different screen sizes, especially smartphones, the design that we’re seeing a lot is the scrolling page, the page that has lots of information. It’s because the menu on a smartphone is not easy to handle. With the navigational menu on a traditional desktop, you look on the top, you see what it is, you go to the page that you want to, but on a smartphone you can’t do that. The scrolling website approach allows you to visualize the different sections of your website.

But I still think the primary challenge of a home page is how we address the primary reasons that visitors are coming to our website. If we had a simple business like being the grout man, the grout man could simply say, “If you’re having trouble with your grout, if you want to replace your grout, if you want new grout, you’ve come to the right place.” If you’re a doctor or a consultant offering many different services, it becomes more complex.

We have to determine the primary reason that people are seeking us out, and maybe go beyond the features and the actual services that we offer and think about the benefits to them. I think the bottom line is the home page should be focused on the visitor. A lot of times people make a mistake and they focus on themselves. They instantly start bragging about themselves and about their company. Instead they should address the reason why the visitor came in their website first place. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster

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